Diesel Electric Propulsion

CMR (Far East) Pte Ltd provides Diesel Electric propulsion systems ranging from 400kW to 15MW.

Diesel Electric Propulsion Packages:

  • Powers ranges from 400 kW to 15MW
  • Voltages from 690 V to 15 kV
  • Different level of protection (up to IP 65)
  • Different types of cooling system
  • Direct supply of via power converters
  • Squirrel cage or slip rings
  • Designed cage or slip rings
  • Designed and manufactured following standards such as CEI, NEMA, VDE and special requirements of main certifying like BV, LR, DNV, GL, RINA
  • Modular Design, easily adaptable to requirements
  • Highly reliable and easy to maintain

Diesel Electric Propulsion Package LV Series

  • LV 200 air cooled, Low Voltage Frequency Converters
  • Designed for both synchronous and asynchronous AC motors
  • Modular Design
  • Power range 250 kW to 1310 kW
  • Input section – DFE (6 or 12 Pulse) or AFE (IGBTSs)
  • Onput section – Two Level Inverter (IGBTs)
  • Static speed accuracy is less than 0.01% in field weakening and constant flux
  • Speed response time is lees tan 50ms
  • Static Torque accuracy is less than 1% in field weakening and constant flux
  • Torque response time is less than 10ms
  • Shaft torque ripple is less than 5% in field weakening and less than 3% at constant flux
  • Control type – Frequency voltage VF / Vector control VC
  • SVPWM modulation
  • Drive protection – overcurrent, earth faults output shortcircuit, overload on the frequency converter, over / low voltage on the DC bus, IGBT fault, imbalance between motor phases, rectifier of inverter disconnected phases
  • Motor Protection – Overload, overspeed
  • Safe, flexible and user friendly

For more information about our diverse selection of Diesel Electric Propulsion Systems that we provide, do contact us via our Enquiry Form or email us at sales@cmrfe.com