Production Capabilities

Production Machine Used:

All Siemens Sivacon 8PT switchboards parts/items are imported from Siemens. CMR(F.E.) need only to assemble the loose parts. There is no metal fabrication or spray paint process in our factory. Only hole punching using “Novapress” hydraulic cutter, bender and hole puncher for copper busbar works.

Quality Control

CMR (F.E) implement progressive quality control system. Quality manual is available at our factory for inspection

Total area of factory 100,000 sq.ft. consisting of:

26,000 sq.ft. (production space)

18,000 sq.ft. (workshop space)

7,000 sq ft.  (Stores)

19,000 sq ft. (office space)

30,000 sq ft. (car park, drive way,   loading/unloading space)

Capacity of factory CMR (Far East) present factory can produce approximate 2000 column per year
Testing Equipment Available Motor-generator simulator test panel c/w 3 nos. motor-generator but designed and configure to test simultaneously up to 9nos. Of generator incoming at any one time for FAT test including over current, reverse power, voltage, amperes, frequency, synchronizing and load sharing

Automation Test Panel c/w S7-300 PLC CPU and I/O Modules

Skidding Simulation Panel for Jackup Rig c/w S7-300 PLC CPU, Touch Panel and I/O Modules.

The following calibrated testing tools are available:

Item From
Torque wrench Britool AVT100A, Elora 2035
High Voltage Tester T&R model KV5-100
Digital clamp-on Meter Kyoritsu 2009A
Primary injection set T&R PCU1MK III
Insulation Fault Detector

Multi Clamp Meter

Fluke Clamp Meter

Power Quality Analyzer

Bender EDS3065

Multi 230

Fluke 336

Fluke 43B

Digital Micro Ohmmeter

Fluke Meg Ohmmeter

T&R DSM200

Fluke 1520

Process Meter 787 Fluke 787
Phase Rotation Indicator Kyoritsu 8031