Turnkey Projects

In close collaboration with reputable European equipment suppliers such as Siemens and Schneider Electric, we undertake electrical turnkey projects for Jack-up rigs, Drillships, Semi-submersibles, FPSOs and specialist vessels using diesel electric propulsion.

Turnkey projects include the design, supply and commissioning of,
• Electrical System S studies (using ETAP software, USA)
– short circuit calculation, load flow, transient stability, relay coordination, motor
acceleration, harmonics and electrical earth faults
• Medium voltage switchboards (Siemens or Schneider Electric)
• Medium voltage dry (AN), air- cooled (AF), air- water- cooled (AWAF), cast resin distribution or phase shift transformer
• Low voltage dry type transformers
• Drilling VFD switchboards including braking resistors
• Thruster VFD switchboards for offshore rigs
• Thruster VFD switchboards for vessels
• Thruster motors for offshore rigs
• Thruster motors for vessels
• Low voltage switchboards, MCC’s and distribution boards
• Power management systems (for jack- up rig and FPSO only)

CMR supplied products:
• Type – Tested Modular L.V Main switchboards And Panels (Max 7, 800A)
• Alarm, Monitoring & Control System
• Marine System for Auto Telephone, CCTV,PA Ruddle Angle Indication
• Total Electrical Power System complete with System Studies inclusive of Harmonics, Short- circuit & Selectivity Calculations • Power Management System for FPSO/Jackup Rig
• Rack Phase Difference (RPD) Monitoring system
• Jacking Enhanced Monitoring and control System for Jackup Rig
• Generator Control Panel

Specialist marine vessel installations:

Switchboards & Power Management – Turnkey Projects – Turnkey projects

• Thruster Motor (INDAR)
• Thruster (LOW Voltage an Medium Voltage) VFD

Offshore Vessels and Rigs:
• Medium and High Voltage Switchgear, motor, generator and Transformer (1 KV to 72,5 KV) • Medium voltage AC variable speed drive Panel (1 KV to 11 KV)
• Low-voltage AC variable speed drive panel (up to 1KV)
• SIVACON L.V switchboard up to 7,400A
• DC switchboard (SRC)
• Automation system including dynamic positioning system
• PCS7 Process Control System